Photo Credits: Ara Project

Photo Credits: Ara Project

Terra Genomics’ vision is to Save species and promote diversity in the conservation sciences.

We have four goals:

1) managing captive breeding programs using genomic/genetic data to create healthy and sustainable populations that can reintroduced into the wild

2) using genomics to help inform enforcement efforts and wildlife managers against the illegal wildlife trade

3) integrating genomics into in-situ conservation efforts in real time and scale

4) fundraising and providing scholarships and fellowship for national minorities and economically disadvantaged individuals in natural, biological and conservation sciences.

We aim to assist in existing conservation efforts and direct attention to unexplored species conservation concerns through research, education and policy advocacy. We also aim to creating a more racially and socio-economically diverse and fair work environment in the ecology, evolutionary biology, conservation biology and policy fields.

If you are interested in learning more or helping us in our mission. Please email us at the address listed below!